My first GCP deployment

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After earning the Google Cloud Professional Architect certification, I wanted to deep dive on Deployment Manager. Deployment Manager is powerful but would benefit from more comprehensive documentation for noobs like me. The service is well-designed but it’s not always intuitive (consistent).

Started as a play and finished after almost two weeks the deployment create a network with one subnet, a CloudSQL instance, http load-balancer with all required components. The WordPress is installed and configured on instance startup-script, but it can be replaced with any web application.

Source on GitHub



  1. Existing GCP Project.
  2. Activate the following APIs on the DM Creation Project.
    • Google Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API
    • Cloud SQL Admin API
    • Compute Engine API

You may use gcloud services enable command to do this:

gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable
  1. Change values for default variables in as desired.

Using the template

Once the prerequisites have been completed, projects can be created with Deployment Manager via CLI:

    gcloud deployment-manager deployments create wp-01 --config wordpress-deployment.yaml

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